Creative Fibre Craft


All of our craft items are made from the luxurious fleece of the Huacaya alpacas from our farm in Roblin, Ontario


Ultrafine Gr. 1

Superfine Gr. 2

Our Parajacks Alpaca rovings are produced in Roblin, Ontario from the luxurious fleece of our Huacaya alpacas.

Alpaca rovings can be hand spun into beautiful, silky soft yarns or pulled apart for felt art or other creative uses such as fly-tying.  Alpaca fibre takes up dyes very well, so a rainbow of creations can be made!

Materials Parajacks Alpaca Grade Weight Colour Price
100% Alpaca Señora 1 – Ultrafine 4.5oz Fawn $13.50
100% Alpaca Jada 2 – Superfine 8oz White $17

Please contact us if you are interested in smaller quantities of these items.

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Alpaca fibre has become a sought after natural fibre because of it’s luxuriously soft nature, durability and warmth.

Being warmer than sheep’s wool, alpaca fibre will keep you warm on the coldest nights.

Parajacks skeins are made from fibre sheared from our own alpacas and processed in Canadian fibre mills.

Yarn Materials Parajacks Alpaca Weight/Length Colour Price
3 ply Sport weight 100% Alpaca Bambino/Regina 100g, 208y peachy cream $24
3 ply
Sport weight
70% Alpaca
30% something
Regina 110g, 200y beige $21
3 ply Sport weight 60% Alpaca
40% Merino
Bambino/Regina 105g, 168y cream $20
3 ply Sport Weight
sock yarn
70% Alpaca
20% Merino
10% Nylon
115g grey $26
3 ply Sport Weight 80% Alpaca
20% Merino
100g cream $26
Lopi 80% Alpaca
20% Merino
150g, 200y dark brown/
Lopi 70% Alpaca
30% Merino
150g, 200y fawn/white/
grey twist
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  • IMG_4539100% Alpaca Bambino/Regina
  • IMG_454170% Alpaca Regina
  • IMG_453560% Alpaca Bambino/Regina
  • IMG_453470% Alpaca Grey sock yarn
  • IMG_453780% Alpaca cream
  • IMG_454780% Alpaca Dark Brown/Black Lopi
  • IMG_453170% Alpaca Fawn/White Lopi


Alpaca and llama batts can be used to fill duvets, pillows, pet beds, plush toys and more.    Alpaca and llama fibre will keep you warm on the coldest nights and is hypo-allergenic.

Material Llamas Price
100% Llama George/Beau $17/100g
  • IMG_4329George before shearing
  • IMG_1732_2George after shearing
  • BeauBeau before shearing
  • IMG_1742_2Beau after shearing
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Alpaca felt can be used for many creative art pieces and clothing.  These felt sheets can be cut to make warm insoles, slippers, hats, coats, artwork and more.  These felt sheets are made from fine fibre that gives it a soft feel.

Description Material Parajacks Alpaca Price
50″ x 30″
marbled brown/white
100% Alpaca King/Queen $40
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